AB Group Packaging is committed to managing our operations in a sustainable way.

Environmental Awareness

AB Group Packaging cares deeply about the protection of the environment and to this end we use one of the most environmentally positive systems in the industry. Our Environmental Policy Document details specific practices across all of our manufacturing plants. We also work strictly within Environmental Protection Agencies guidelines, offering total peace of mind to our customers.

Our Environmental Initiatives Include:

  • An aim for Zero Waste to Landfill in conjunction with the company’s IPPC Licence – (Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control)
  • AB Group Packaging’s target is to be 100% supplied by Green Energy. We are well on our way to reducing to our Carbon Footprint to zero, by signing up to fully traceable, green electricity that has an 100% renewable rating for our production facilities.
  • Careful monitoring of manufacturing processes to reduce Carbon Emissions across the supply chain.
  • Continuous Energy Reduction Programs. In 2014, AB Group installed an environmentally friendly lighting and motor systems.
  • Packaging can be printed in water-based and alcohol-based (solvent based) ink systems.
  • Regenerative Thermol Oxidisers: This specialist equipment is in place at all plants – it cleans exhaust air to be emitted safely into the atmosphere.
  • As part of the IPPC licence the Environmental Management System is regularly reviewed and updated.
  • A complete Chain of Custody system is in place for all materials used in all plants and for waste that leaves each plant.
  • Full compliance with all applicable global environmental legislation.